At GPI Medical Center, we provide a full array of non-emergency medical services for patients with every type of condition or question. Every patient who visits our offices receives comprehensive medical services including consultation, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up. We even have an in-office pharmacy and on-site laboratory testing.

GPI Medical Center offers comprehensive professional medical care and services, including:

If you or anybody in your family is feeling ill, in pain, has questions about your health, requires pharmaceutical therapies, or requires any type of medical care, GPI Medical Center offers the fast, reliable relief and top-quality medical care you want at affordable prices. e.
Since 2017, we have served our community with dedicated, experienced professional medical services to improve the health of the people you lov

Treatment Plans

After consulting your medical condition, our doctors our team of medical doctors will partner with you to create an effective plan of action to return you to optimal health. This might include laboratory tests, pharmaceutical therapies, or other medical treatments that restore vitality and health in a collaborative environment.

Our experienced team of medical professionals will give you the support you need to optimize your wellness and feel like yourself again.

Medical examination

Support and Aftercare

GPI Medical Center gives you a lifetime of support. Our goal is to treat the whole patient, from consultation to diagnosis to treatment and beyond. We understand that feeling unwell can take its toll not only on your health but also on the relationships you have with your family, your friends, and even your co-workers.

That is why we strive to restore both your physical health, your emotional well-being, and your personal self-esteem so that your life can return to normal as quickly as possible.

Medical exam

Health + Program

The Program ensures access to medical appointments and purchase of prescription drugs at discounts of up to 40% below the Medicare-authorized drug price list (AWP).

Membership in the Health Program will be valid upon payment.

• Individual Plan

• Family Plan

The program ensure access to medical appointments and the purchase of prescription drugs at low cost. You can choose or ANNUAL or BIANNUAL plan.


GPI Medical Center has the experienced, knowledgeable medical professionals you can rely on to protect and preserve your health and well-being.

Our medical team focuses on the whole patient, including their physical, mental, and emotional health with a full array of medical testing, consultations, pharmaceuticals, and treatments.

Our goal is to provide you and the people you love most with the same kind of quality care we would want for the members of our own family.

Check-up and Medical Consultation



Medical consultations​​

We provide medical consultations with experienced doctors and renowned professionals. We treat various diseases such as mild depression, diabetes, heart diseases in early stages, infections in general, skin, intestinal, and urinary conditions. We also treat the most common skin diseases such as mycoses, dermatitis, urticaria, headache, and high or low blood pressure.

Plus, we monitor anemia, allergies, gastritis, reflux, back pain, joint pain, as well as provide medical evaluation before any surgeries. We also are able to provide evaluation before starting a physical activity, prevention of diseases, and nutritional guidance, as well as a providing a complete check-up.

Routine exams include stool, urine and blood tests, etc. Consulting a general practitioner is important to avoid self-diagnosis and self-medication, which often can worsen an existing clinical condition.

Laboratory testing

We carry out full array of laboratory tests as indicated by doctors to diagnose or certify a disease.

Lab tests also can be used for routine exams, including annual check-ups. We work with Labcorp, one of the largest and most respected clinical analysis laboratories in the US.

Ultrasound services​

Ultrasonography is an imaging test that can be ordered by the physician to identify changes in organs.

This test may be recommended to look for abdominal, flakes, or back pain; to diagnose pregnancy or assess fetal development; to diagnose diseases of the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries; and to visualize the structures of muscles, joints, tendons. We perform all types of ultrasounds during regularly scheduled appointments.

Alternative therapies​

Indian Cone (ear cleaning) A, Reflexology, Iridology, Foot Ionic Detox, Chakra Harmonization, Access Bars, and many more.

Venous vitamin supplementation​

Vitamins are an integral part of the human diet. They aid in many of the body’s processes and increase overall health.

Many people don’t get enough essential vitamins in their regular diet. Intravenous vitamin therapy can help to overcome this deficiency and has been used to help combat serious health problems.

Vine vitamins increase energy, strengthen the immune system, help burn fat, and improve skin, hair, sleep, and mood.

Cardiac care​

Cardiology consultations with EKG (electrocardiogram) assess the rhythm of the heartbeat and diagnose arrhythmias, tachycardias or bradycardias.

We provide treatment of different heart diseases such as hypertension, and others.

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