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Who We Are

GPI Medical Center is a team of experienced, caring health service professionals who are dedicated to serving the needs of the South Florida community. We offer walk-in outpatient medical care for patients with non-emergency conditions, as well as consultations and treatments for every type of health issue, from cardiac care to diabetes, anemia to sexual health, and much, much more. We also provide professional laboratory services, routine health screenings, and prescription services.

Most importantly, we genuinely care about the health of our neighbors in the Pompano Beach community and beyond. Since 2017, we have been welcoming and treating every patient as if they were members of our own family. That’s because we believe everybody deserves humanized health care at affordable prices.



Our goal is to provide safe, medically approved treatment for conditions, symptoms, and medical concerns for every patient. The mission of GPI Medical Center is to inspire hope and contribute to the health and well-being of the community by providing optimal, professional health care to every patient through integrated clinical practice.

portrait of smiling doctor with doctor stethoscope and folder in clinic

Our Medical Team

At GPI Medical Center, our team of medical professionals is always there for you when you need top-quality medical care. We started out serving South Florida’s fast-growing Brazilian and Hispanic communities and now provide top-quality health care services at affordable prices for everybody in our community and beyond.

From our knowledgeable, experienced doctors to our friendly and helpful front desk staff, every member of our team always has your good health as our top priority. We work as a team to give you the care you need when you need it and at prices everybody can afford.


GPI Medical Center has the experienced, knowledgeable medical professionals you can rely on to protect and preserve your health and well-being. Our medical team focuses on the whole patient, including their physical, mental, and emotional health with a full array of medical testing, consultations, pharmaceuticals, and treatments. Our goal is to provide you and the people you love most with the same kind of quality care we would want for the members of our own family.

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Phone: 954.960.2239